Great Gifts for Mom! Genuine Gemstone Bracelets Available in All 12 Birthstones

Each kid can get mom a bracelet in the kid's birthstone or get mom her own birthstone from everyone. Don't forget Grandma!

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Brand New! Necklaces! Mix and match crystals, tarot, and zodiac

Witchy Necklaces are a beautiful way to wear, carry, and display your favorite metaphysical items and symbols and your favorite crystals.  Manifest your best day or create a bubble of manifestation around you.
Tarot Card Readings and Reiki Energy Healing

I offer intuitive Tarot Card Readings and Reiki Energy Healing, in person or remote. I also design and create gift items using crystals and energetic stones. My Crystal Advent Calendars are my pride and joy.  I can’t believe I made them up and so many other people think they’re just as cool as I do! 

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