Collection: Mala Gallery

I LOVE making Malas.  It took a friend bugging me for 7 months to get me to try it but once I did I was hooked!  When I make one, I start with the intended manifestation.  Then I select the crystal beads, the accent beads, thread, guru, and tassel intuitively.  I spend about an hour and a half to two hours designing and creating each one, giving me the opportunity to really instill my intentions into it.  Then I research Goddesses related to the intentions and assign the Mala her name.  Finally I do the write up where I research the tools that I was drawn to use and almost every time I end up getting the chills when I see how dead-on the metaphysical properties are compared to the intentions I had for the Mala.  

Please feel free to look around and enjoy their beauty.  If you see one you like add it to your cart when the time is right.  As they sell out I can create new or similar ones if you're interested.  I do take custom orders.  

Crystal Mala or Prayer Beads with Props