About i.am.gretchen

While trudging through a traumatic event in 2018, I turned to the metaphysical to help me find the hope I needed to keep facing day after challenging day.  There are tons of metaphysical tools and gifts but I found that mine are tarot cards, reiki, and crystals.  I love reaching that place of truth when giving a reading where I can bring someone to tears.  Other reiki practitioners have told me that they wish they had my gift for feeling the heat of an area that needs treatment and by heating up myself when concentrating my healing energy where someone needs it.  I shock myself every day with how crystal knowledge just sticks for me!  While, I prefer to choose stones intuitively, I still can’t believe how easily I can identify them and recite what they’re known for. 

Finding crystal suppliers is a nonstop endeavor for me.  Quality is my biggest concern.  I want beautiful stones at a fair price from an ethical trader.  But there is so much left to discover and I love finding stones I’ve never heard of and sharing them with you! My pride and joy is my Crystal Advent Calendars, but I want every gift bundle to be a significant value. My New Moon and Full Moon Ceremony Box is also very near and dear to my heart.  But my bracelets are just stunning, too. 

In 2022, after a friend begged me for 7 months to learn how to make Malas I tried that too. There's nothing that compares to the experience of spending 1.5-2 hours crating something while focusing my intentions into it.  

I hope you love giving and using my products as much as I love making them for you! 

My Mission is to bring Magic and Comfort into your life using Metaphysical Tools and Experiences.  I offer Tarot Card Readings, Reiki Energy Healing, and I make unique and stylish Gifts with Crystals and Stones.  I lovingly hand place each stone in my artisan created Crystal Advent Calendars.