Collection: Smudge

I think Smudging is the most controversial ceremony I consult on.  "Is it true that I have to...or can't..."  Oh stop.   Intentions are what it's all about.  So use what feels right in a way that feels right.  Need a starting point?  Open windows and doors and smudge all the corners (where walls meet and where ceilings meet walls) all the way around your home.  Think or say out loud that you are pushing out all negative energy and inviting in all positive energy.  Customize from there.  

Smudge a new home or office,  Smudge before and after visitors,  Smudge new items coming into your home.  And smudge when it feels like something yukie might be hanging around.  Smudge yourself and like minded friends!  

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Manifestation Tools Smudge Palo Santo Stick