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2022 New Moon/Full Moon Schedule

Welcome!  I’m excited for you to take ownership of your manifestations for 2022!

My instructions here are just meant as a jumping off point.  If you are guided to do things differently, please be truest to yourself. 

The first thing to do is add the dates to your calendar.  The dates and times listed are GMT, please adjust accordingly.  The New Moon and Full Moon ceremonies are just as strong the day before and the day after so don’t stress if you can’t do it on the day.  And if you miss a New Moon you can still write it up even as late as on the Full Moon. 

So let’s dive in!  On the New Moon write a letter to Luna (I sell decks for this purpose) asking for what you want to bring into your life over the next 2 weeks while the Moon comes in.  Then in the same letter write what you want to leave your life during the 2 weeks following the Full Moon.  During your Full Moon ceremony, read the letter again then burn it. 

Either ceremony or both can include cleansing your home with sage/palo santo, gridding with crystals or other items, burning candles, incorporating tarot cards, flowers, jewelry, or tokens of symbolism.  I usually put my letter in the center of the grid under a tower.

     When you’re ready to add to your ceremony, I do have items that compliment this deck on my website.  There’s a comprehensive Ceremony box and a Meditation Gift box that can fill out your ceremony.  Or add anything you’re guided to!

  • Wolf Moon ~ New Moon Jan 2, 6:35pm ~ Full Moon Jan 17, 11:48pm
  • Snow Moon ~ New Moon Feb 1, 5:49am ~ Full Moon Feb 16, 4:56pm
  • Worm Moon ~ New Moon Mar 2, 5:38pm ~ Full Moon Mar 18, 7:17am
  • Pink Moon ~ New Moon Apr 1, 6:27am ~ Full Moon Apr 16, 6:55pm
  • Flower Moon ~ New Apr 30, 8:30pm ~ Full Moon May 16, 4:14am
  • Strawberry Moon ~ New Moon May 30, 11:32am ~ Full Moon Jun 14, 11:51pm
  • Buck Moon ~ New Moon Jun 29, 2:53am ~ Full Moon Jul 13, 6:37pm
  • Sturgeon Moon ~ New Moon Jul 28, 5:55pm ~ Full Moon Aug 12, 1:35am
  • Harvest Moon ~ New Moon Aug 27, 8:16am ~ Full Moon Sep 10, 9:59am
  • Hunters Moon ~ New Moon Sep 25, 9:54am ~ Full Moon Oct 9, 8:54pm
  • Beaver Moon ~ New Moon Oct 25, 10:48am ~ Full Moon Nov 8, 11:02am
  • Cold Moon ~ New Moon Nov 23, 10:57pm ~ Full Moon Dec 8, 4:08am
Love and Light,


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