Are we allowed to say Happy Easter?

Are we allowed to say Happy Easter?

Easter is a holiday pretty unique to Christians.  Non-Christian Americans are known to celebrate Christmas all over the place, but you find less of them doing Easter.  Maybe it's because it moves all over.  Maybe because everything isn't closed like it is on Christmas.  But our family wasn't Christian and as kids our parents would hide candy and we'd hunt.  The holiday kinda tapered off as we got older, though.  

So tons of Christians practice the metaphysical so right there your answer is pretty clear on what you're "allowed" to do; which is my way of saying "you're allowed to do whatever you want." 

American Easter combines so many traditions that have nothing to do with anyone rising anyway.  Dyeing eggs may go back to ancient pagans who would celebrate spring as a season of rebirth by coloring eggs and giving them to friends. Eostre is the goddess of fertility, and rabbits are known for prolific breeding so that got looped in.  Germans slaughtered pigs in the fall and cured them over winter and they just happened to be one of the only meats available during the time of year that they were celebrating Eostre.  

So as we usher in all the newness that Spring offers, feel free to wish people a Happy Easter without too much worry for whether your spiritual practice aligns with it.  

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