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Aromatherapy for Sleep

Aromatherapy provides a natural way to deal with insomnia, relaxation, anxiety, and stress. The primary purpose of aromatherapy is to produce an odor that induces an effect on the human body. The smells from aromatherapy work on a subconscious level. Smell can affect the way that human beings react. Different smells can stimulate the brain and evoke feelings that are then associated with that smell. Aromatherapy is used for mental and emotional well being. The oils of aromatherapy are often used to stimulate or relax the person as needed. Some aromatherapy oils are chamomile, patchouli, sandalwood, neroli, ylang-ylang, and marjoram.

There are a few different ways that you can enjoy the smells of aromatherapy such as putting a few drops in your bath water, the oils can be used for massage, or you can even sprinkle a few drops on your pillow at night. Chamomile is a bit more versatile as you can drink it in the form of tea or use the oils in something similar to an incense burner. If you look into aromatherapy for the sole purpose of insomnia there will be actual recipes that you can make yourself that act very well for insomnia. One in particular is a mixture of two drops of jasmine and four drops of lavender. This can be used in a diffuser or you can place drops of it surrounding your bed. Just make sure that it is in a place where you will be able to smell it best. This mixture can also be used for a massage.

Aromatherapy candles are also available in the various scents that are mentioned above, they are a great added touch but likely do not release enough fumes to assist in combating something as tough as insomnia. In conjunction with aromatherapy, meditation and yoga work excellently as a way to free the negative energy from your body that is causing you to lose precious sleep. Besides helping with just insomnia it will lead you into a more healthy life in general.

The most popular aromatherapy oil used today is lavender. Lavender is very versatile and can ever be grown in your own backyard. It also works great for digestive related issues and as a very effective antidepressant. Further, it calms nerves, relaxes the body, and promotes sleep.

Sometimes the everyday stresses of life can build up and a combination of aromatherapy oils can be literally magical in creating a harmonic balance, a sense of well being and relaxation, and promoting sleep.

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