Aries Zodiac Sign

Happy Birthday Aries

Oh Aries, you're fire and I'm water.  We're both gregarious but we'll probably never play leading roles in eachother's lives.  You were born March 21 - April 20.  You are outgoing, competitive, confident.  You're a natural leader.  You champion a good cause and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.  And you don't give up easily.

If anyone has a complaint about you it might be that they think you're bossy, you aren't the biggest fan of input, and those underdogs you're helping? Well, they might not actually want it. 

In a romantic relationship you want (expect?) to be number one in every way possible.  Exclusivity is a must.  Being the first at something for your partner fills your cup.  But being the best at everything for them is probably the only way your relationship will survive.  Is your partner an Aries?  They like the chase.  Try not to let things get too routine.  

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