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Happy Birthday Cancer

The Sun moves into Cancer tomorrow.  Happy birthday to my fellow water sign!  They say that your best matches are those who fall into your same element and I have to say Cancer and I compliment eachother well.  I'm your guard dog who keeps ill intenters away.  And you are my more mild mannered source of grounding who lets me vent about what worries me then shows me with your calm demeanor that it's not so bad. 

It took a Cancer actually explaining to me that you like to retreat into your protective shell and heal in solitude before I got it.  So if you find that people are being pushy when you would rather be left alone, maybe they need it explained to them.  

You may be a natural psychic.  You're very sensitive to energies and subtleties, which is a lot to take on so you may come across as moody to others who aren't picking up as much information as you are in the same situation.  Your sentimental, like feeding those you love, and want everyone to feel at home in your place.  While this sensitivity is a great asset when others are hurting, you know just what to do to help, it can make other feel like they walk on eggshells around you because your feelings might get hurt more easily than others.  Try not to take things personally.  You also may have moments of smothering the ones you love the most.  

You may understand people without them having to explain themselves to you, but this is because you are sensitive.  Since others are not as sensitive you may need to be more straightforward to get the same consideration in return.  It feels unfair, but just try to remember that they aren't wired like you are.  

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