Gemini Zodiac Sign

Happy Birthday Gemini

The Sun went into Gemini last week.  Happy Birthday to this Air sign!

Gemini is the twins.  You basically get two in one.  But they can be knowns to change their minds often and can even seem wishy washy.  They are very curious and have a strong attention to detail.  

Geminis long for a soul mate in a way that other signs don't.  Because they are (usually) a single but in the sign of the twins they long for their other half.  But like everyone, their wholeness lies within so they might have to work harder at realizing that than the rest of us.  

Some of their more endearing traits are that they are inquisitive, charming, open-minded (seeing things from both sides), and inventive.  Some challenging characteristics you might find in a Gemini are that they can be restless, bore easily, maybe impatient, and can be nervous.  

They crave spatial and emotional freedom so don't try to box them in.  They like new gadgets, so yes they need the newest technology, stop asking them why!  But they also need tenderness and warmth so give it to them without make them ask.  Otherwise it seems insincere.  

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