Pisces Zodiac Sign

Happy Birthday Pisces

What up Pisces?  Happy Birthday fellow water sign!  As a Scorpio I generally click with Pisces people really fast.  

So if you were born February 19 through March 20 your Sun Sign is Pisces.  You're a water sign like Scorpio and Cancer, which are generally considered your most compatible interpersonal relationships.  

Pisces is thoughtful, sensitive, hardworking, and interested in humanitarian pursuits.  To outsiders you may appear dreamy but also are not easily fooled.  You like getting the feel of a new situation before taking action.  You're not a fan of drama in relationships, but do like feeling like you belong to someone.

If your partner is the Pisces you may notice that they are eager to please and are  knowledgeable about a variety of topics.  They may sometimes appear vulnerable but when push comes to shove they manage a range of challenges very well.  Treat your Pisces romantically, tell them you love them often, and don't ever forget your anniversary!

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