How To Manifest Your Dreams And Desires

How To Manifest Your Dreams And Desires

What are your dreams?

Are you in a place in your life where part of it feels limiting or exhausting? If so, it is the time for you to begin manifesting your dreams and desires. First of all, you must remember that Miracles do happen and that it is time to reach for the top. Not to put others down, but to ask for what it is that you really desire. Go for the top. Go for the limitlessness. Show your fellow beings that through the process of releasing limited thoughts your cup is filled with the opportunities that the universe wants to bring to you. By daring to do this, you are teaching what you know. You have taken the courage to release. Now you must take the even greater courage to command and receive what you wish. You must stay in touch with the fact that you are in actuality manifesting every moment of the day what you desire.


Stretch your vision of yourself!

If you desire the bottom of the list, you are manifesting that as well. If you are looking for the top, you will bring that in. You will receive what you ask for.

You are in the process of manifesting your dreams through visualization.

It would be as if you decided to go shopping at the clothing store. First, you would pick the clothing store that is aligned with your style, not what is aligned with your budget, but with your style.


You see, what you need to do here is stretch your perception of self. The way you see yourself and the way others see you are two different things. When your Higher Self is in action, you don't focus on a limited thought pattern. Open up to the highest and ask for support. When you are wondering if something is the highest for you, put out into the Universe and ask: Is this really the highest for me? You may do this in mediation or quiet moments. You will be surprised at how little you are asking for. You are asking very small questions. You need to expand.


All is available to you, but you've gotta ask. This is sometimes a difficult process, but it is the most important piece that you can do, because without asking, you do not expand into the next level. Focus on places in your life where you know it is time to grow; as you are tired of the place you are in. Take the time to write them down and explore what your reality is and what your dreams are.


You can now go and just ask for the highest, and the highest good will come to you when you let go of the form it will take and any attachment to the outcome. It is important to practice expanding your visions. If you write your dreams down on paper and think, I couldn't achieve that, at least you have put it down. Now there is something to work with.


Look at the issues of conflict and resistance here. If it feels like a piece of your dream isn't coming to you, it's because you're not allowing it to be received.

Allow yourself to receive the abundance of the Universe. Allow yourself to receive the energy of unconditional love without fear. Allow yourself to receive the energy and the true love and healing of who you are.


The Universe is bringing you all that you need now. All you need to do is ask. Much like when you go to a restaurant and order from a menu, just order what you wish, and it will be brought to you. But, just as you are ordering from a restaurant, order what is delightful and peaceful to the palate, not what is the essence of the budget. If you order bread and water, this is what will be brought to you, so order from the highest categories, and you receive that.


The more you laugh, the lighter you dance.

Over and over in your life, you will see small ways in which this is performed and brought to you, and you will laugh. You will laugh at the signs; you will laugh with great humor at the ways these things fall into place. Laughter, as you know, makes the heart so light.


Without asking, you do not expand into the next level of your consciousness. Most of us ask far too little of the Universe. Dare to acknowledge your deepest dreams and desires and dare to ask. Dare to ask big, and then open yourself to receiving. Expect miracles and stay open to receiving all the Universe has to offer.


  1. Explore places in your life where you have not yet dared to ask for your dreams.
  2. Affirm to the Universe, either through visualization, meditation, or in writing that you are formally asking for and are open to receiving whatever it is that you most desire.
  3. Keep track of what you received and when.
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