June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

No this has nothing to do with tarot or reiki or crystals.  But Karma?  Maybe!

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!  It's also the height of kitten season.  It's a great time to save a life and add a little enrichment to your own.  In truth I write my blogs when I'm in a creative and talkative headspace then schedule them out. I only mention this because I'm writing about my current cats but with an old sunsetter I hate to commit to talking about him in the present tense so far out, but he's been sunsetting for 2 years so no reason to believe he won't be here either!

Having said that, I have 11 cats.  Of those that are with me now 4 are from shelters.  The other 7 are street cats (although 2 were born in my house when their mom moved her pregnant ass in without my permission so they didn't technically know life on the streets, but I still call them street acquisitions).  

I like adopting adult cats.  They have usually settled into their personality and the shelters do an incredible job of trying to match adopters with the right cat.  With kittens they're all insane so it can be harder to do.  But adopting any age cat from a shelter is still a tremendous service to your community.  And sharing your home with a few is just so much fun!  

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