Mission Statement Bringing Magic and Comfort

My Mission - At Long Last

My Mission is to bring magic and comfort into your life using metaphysical tools and experiences.

Yep, that unimpressive piece of poetry took me four whole years to come up with.

Look, I've written the academic papers for my business degrees.  I have written impassioned letters for business and personal use.  I've worked for some very large, global companies with very impressively worded mission statements.  I know when I tell people that I finally came up with my Mission Statement and I say it with a sparkle in my eye that I'm setting up some pretty high expectations.  But I love it.  It's the truth.  And it's what I've been feeling for four years.

Do you "believe" in tarot or reiki or crystal energy?  Does it even matter what anyone believes?  As an atheist practicing these modalities I could limit myself to what I "believe" or I could just go with what I know I can do.  When I was going through a traumatic divorce I could have just sat alone trying to find answers that I needed that no one could give me, never actually getting them, but I decided to experience magic.  I needed comfort.  I used these tools to give me those feelings when I had no other source of it.  

I don't need it like I did then.  But, dang, it feels so good to have it.  So I roll with it.  And I bring it to you.  Maybe this stuff isn't where you get those feelings.  I totally respect that.  But maybe you're someone who enjoys the feeling of magic just during the time of your reading.  Maybe you only feel comfort while you're receiving reiki.  Gosh, if that's the minimum I can do for someone then I already have the best job out there.

But there are people who allow the magic and the comfort to bring them more.  They allow it to carry over into their day-to-day lives.  It feels good and it's fun.  And I love using the tools that I am most naturally connected with to guide them to that feeling.

And there is a whole other group of people who feel very strongly that they are guided by spirit, have angels protecting them, that Tarot cards will answer every question, and reiki will heal anything.  They feel like the exact combination of crystals will bring them everything they want.  I'm here for those people, too. 

I am Gretchen.   I'm self employed doing Tarot Card Readings, Reiki Healing with my Hands, and I make and sell Crystal Gifts.  I sell other tools and individual stones, too.  My Mission is to bring magic and comfort into your life using metaphysical tools and experiences.  


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