How to use a pendulum

Pendulum Magic (I can never say "Pendulum" without hearing "Magic" in my head)

I'm loving the surge of interest in Pendulums lately.  I sell them in the Valentine's Heart and the Butterfly box.  I also have some different ones that I sell individually at Craft Fairs.  I LOVE the look on someone's face when they see one in action for the first time.

So how do you use a pendulum?  Grab anything that dangles: a real pendulum, a necklace with a pendant, a string with a paperclip.  Dangle and a little weight.  Okay, from here feel free to alter these instructions as you're guided.  

Hold the pendulum in your dominant hand and then open your other hand under it.  Holding as still as possible check in to make sure you're speaking with your higher power.  For me this look like "Am I speaking with Universal Knowledge?"  Then if it says yes, I proceed.  If it says no request to or ask about other entities you could be speaking to (grandpa?).  

Ask it to establish yes and no so you know what it looks like when it's giving those answers.  Simply say "what is yes" and take note of what direction it moves.  Don't worry if it takes a hot minute for it to respond.  Feel free to establish other answers.  I have movement for "it is yet to be determined," "I love you," and others.

Say thank you between responses. 

Now ask away!  

You can also bring the Pendulum to make decisions.  I love playing with it when buying things.  Some people use it in pregnancy to determine the sex.  Hold it over pic of your two crushes to see who you should pursue.  


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