The 3 Keys To Unlock Your Reality

The 3 Keys To Unlock Your Reality

The first key in the Law of Attraction is acceptance. First accept where you are at the moment. You simply cannot attract new circumstances if you deny your present condition and experiences. Where you presently are is filled with wealth and beauty and great things. You must first love all of what you are and where you are before you can move on. YES, this is extremely important to know.

You have heard someone, at some point, say something like this, after years of being frustrated with my job, I finally decided to learn to love it, when suddenly, someone offered me a new and better paying job. Or maybe you’ve heard a remark like this, for years I hated my body, but I finally decided to love my pouch then suddenly, I started to lose weight without doing anything! This is all part of the first key, learn to accept things as they are.

The Second Key is to find the beauty in all things. Every single thing in life has two sides, both good and bad, dark and light, beautiful and ugly. What you are experiencing depends on which side you are looking at. Learn to see the most beautiful part in whatever you are experiencing. If you are dealing with the ugliest moment in your life, look at the beautiful lesson it is here to teach you.

Mystics know that out of the darkest moments comes the most light. Out of ugly comes beauty, out of hardness comes softness. Love it all, observe it all because it is all linked. One cannot exist without the other. In order to apply the Law of Attraction with success you must realize this reality and know with confidence that what is good will come out of what you presently see as hard or difficult, but ONLY if you first choose to see the beauty inside of the hardship. The Law of Attraction requires that you alter your focus to find what is beautiful and what is beautiful is almost always found inside the darkest of circumstances.

The Third Key is the root of what you are trying to attract comes out of your present conditions. You can successfully apply the Law of Attraction by realizing that your past, present, and future are interlocked and are really one source of the total you in all your many forms.

What you want could not have even existed or come to you had you not first been where you are today. Where you are today is the foundation for where you are going so you should honor your today moments in all their darkness and beauty.

Opening Up Your New Reality

The best thing you can do for yourself is to get out a notebook and begin to journal your present experiences. You must take a hands on approach in mastering yourself in order to have success with applying the Law of Attraction. Write out each point and begin to examine yourself. Writing is healing and it will absolutely change you at a deeper subconscious level.

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