Crystal Towers and Stone Points

What do I do with it, though?

A very common question when people know someone who buys crystals or is new to it for themself is "what do I do with it?"  I had the exact same thought.  I had a book with some grids but you just leave them like that for the rest of your life orrrrrrr...???

It's pretty easy to know what do with a bracelet or other types of jewelry.  Wall art will find its way to a wall.  Big geodes will sit on a shelf or something.  Towers can get a little iffy.  Then tumbled stones are the real head scratchers.

I have towers on little shelves or tucked into corners of the hutch on my desk.  I have them in window sills.  My biggest ones are in three little windows high up on the wall over my bed.  Obviously you can use them in gridding.  The tower shape pulls in and amplifies the energy from other stones used.  

Once you start getting creative with tumbles there will be no stopping you, though.  You can display them in bowls or vases.  You can grid and do spellwork with them.  Wear them in your bra.  Carry them in your pocket.  Put them on a desk, in your car, or on a shelf.  Have a tumble wire wrapped into a beautiful pendant.  Carry them in your purse.  Grid a new space to get rid of old energy.  Carry during travel for protection.  Support you as you heal.  I like to put them between my feet when I meditate or do pendulum work.  I have Rose Quartz tumbles in the shape of a heart by my front door.  I add to it here and there and it grows over time. 

I'd love to hear what you think to do with yours!

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