Healing Crystal Collection Raw and Tumbles

Where's the best place to get Crystals?

Stop it.  You know there's no best place.  Sure, none of us wants to get ripped off but there's is legitimacy in getting high quality and high energy stones in a boutique vs always scoping out the cheapest price.  There's also zero shame in coming across your next little friend on the ground, at a thrift store, or from an estate.  And who doesn't have fond memories to kicking around a dusty rock and mineral shop owned by an old prospector who somehow stepped out of Little House on the Prairie before he came into work today.  

Please make room on your shelf for all of these.  I love getting crystals as mementos of my vacations.  I usually pay a lot more for them than I can get them wholesale, but it's part of the experience.  Bringing something home from vacation is what we do!  I'd just rather have a new selenite sphere than a shot glass.  I find cool rocks when I go trail running and got my favorite labradorite palm stone from an estate sale.  I have a random pebble that a client's daughter gave me sitting right next to my quartz cube.  Every bit of sunstone I have came from the metaphysical bookstore where I take classes.  We all have to be mindful of budgets, but if you have the money and want the rock...buy it!  And love it unconditionally.  

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