12 Days Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar

12 Days Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar

I introduced the 12 Days of Christmas Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar in 2022. The economy was rough that year, man!  I pride myself on offering a great value in ALL of my Crystal Advent Calendars, but value or not, some things just don't make it into the budget.  I know this for sure!  So I created this Crystal Advent Calendar to help meet you in the middle.  It's the same stones you might see in the Classic Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar, but there are 14 instead of 24, leaving us room to bring the price down.  

The reason there are 14 stones in this Crystal Advent Calendar instead of 12 is because there are 2 little bonus doors with stones as well.  You still get a little Gem Bottle as your Grand Finale as well!  I often sell these Crystal Advent Calendars to people who want to get them for several people and were targeting a specific price point.  

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