12 Towers Crystal Advent Calendars

12 Towers Crystal Advent Calendars

The 12 Towers Crystal Advent Calendars came to be because I LOVE Towers. I keep them on my desk and in windows and just kind of around everywhere.  I sell them okay, but I way overbought.  I find that when someone loves them like I do, they grab this Crystal Advent Calendar because you're getting 12 freaking Towers for a great price!  

The box I used to make this Crystal Advent Calendar is made from decorative cardboard and it swivels out.  It's just plain fun to use.  It satisfies our need to fidget.  This isn't a typical Advent Calendar with doors.  You open the box and the Towers are wrapped and numbered.  You open them in order of the numbers.  I also included a slip with each one that says what they do, metaphysically speaking.  And then you keep your box for ever and even.  

Sadly once these Crystal Advent Calendars are gone, they're gone for good.  

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