Abundance and Success Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar

Abundance and Success Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar

My Abundance and Success Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar is the answer to the second most asked question when I give readings: what's up with my money?  So whether someone wants a new job or to start a new company, or if they need guidance toward financial success, this is the Crystal Advent Calendar for them!  

This Crystal Advent Calendar addresses abundance, communication, decision making, and luck.  I tried to make sure they aren't all green!  

So many people make career changes at the New Year, and so many more make resolutions regarding their finances.  The timing of spending every day for the first 24 days of December opening one door at a time on a Crystal Advent Calendar that supports finances is a great lead-in to the New Year.  Green Aventurine is frequently given from one metaphysical lover to another to help them reach their financial goals so that's included, of course.  And I think my favorite WOW stone is the Emerald.  

All of my themed Crystal Advent Calendars come with a chart that I printed out, folded in half, and slide into the box.  The chart shows you how each stone supports the theme. 


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