Lavish Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar

Lavish Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar

By 2022 the wholesale market for crystals was returning to normal and I could actually get my hands on 24 different drool-worthy stones to all go into one Crystal Advent Calendar.  May I present: The Lavish Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar.  Let me tell you.  Since I had already used Luxe I really struggled to find the right word to capture the tone of this Crystal Advent Calendar.  I only hesitated to use Lavish because Luxe also starts with an L.  But it truly is the best word to describe it.

I invented Crystals Advent Calendars because I wanted to buy myself a cool Advent Calendar that actually had stuff in it I wanted.  And who can have enough crystals?  So the fact that most of the Lavish Crystal Lover's Advent Calendars go to people buying them for themselves speaks to my very soul.  They will often generously buy some of the lower priced Crystal Advent Calendar options for gifts and have them sent directly to the recipient.  Then they will place a second order for the Lavish Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar addressed to themselves.  And I am here for it all day long every single day!  

When I make these my fingers smell like glorious ancient resin from adding the Amber.  I delight in adding little Blue Topaz, Larimar, and Super Seven stones.  And how fun is it to dive into your books and online resources to learn why Scolecite and K2 came into your life?  Shoot, even the box is gorgeous.  That pristine white with the foil numbers?  Indulge.  You deserve this kind of Crystal Advent Calendar!


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