Luxe Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar

Luxe Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar

After the success of my Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar in its first year, I felt confident about going forward in 2021 with plans to offer a few different types.  First on my list was an extra fancy Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar.  I don't know why I love the word Luxe so much, but it was the only name I considered for this Crystal Advent Calendar.  I wanted insanely high end stones but I couldn't get my hands on everything I wanted.  I got some great crystals, don't let me undersell it, but I just couldn't get everything I had in mind to fill 24 different cavities.  So I still had a very high end Crystal Advent Calendar, but I did adjust the price I was targeting down to reflect what I was able to put together.  I really want everyone opening these Crystal Advent Calendars to be shocked and delighted at what all they got for the price they paid.  Luxe has filled a nice niche for people who want to treat themselves or their recipient but maybe aren't ready to go all the way to what I now also offer called Lavish.  

I found a high quality versions of stones that are usually higher priced but not necessarily hard to come by.  People often say "Holy Hematite" when they open day 21 ha ha.  And I found some stuff I had never even heard of like Girasol.  I think my favorite WOW stone in Luxe is the Fire Agate.  They aren't big but they are just so fancy to me!  

The Luxe Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar won't be around forever, but it's been fun to have while it's here!

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