Romance Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar

Romance Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar

My second year hand placing each stone into each Crystal Lover's Advent Calendars, I introduced my themed Crystal Advent Calendars.  I based them on what people ask me about when they get Tarot Card Readings: Love, Money, and Health.  I've also seen these concerns reflected in what people ask for support with in social media groups for crystal lovers.  

The most common questions people ask about are related to their love lives and families so those are the target of my first themed Crystal Advent Calendar.  The Romance Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar addresses romantic love, familial and platonic love, sexual health, and important relationship matters like communication and forgiveness.  I had a friend get this in July one year for her sister in law who wanted to get pregnant and I'm happy to report that by the next Mother's Day, she was a mother!  

All of my themed Crystal Advent Calendars come with a chart that I printed out, folded in half, and slide into the box.  The chart shows you how each stone supports the theme.

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