Wellness Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar

Wellness Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar

The Wellness Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar is very carefully named so I can list it and have it show up places without worrying about a platform's claim regarding health claims.  Health is the third most common topic people ask about when getting a Tarot Reading.  This Crystal Advent Calendar combines crystals that address specific areas of physical, mental, and emotional health.  So each day when you open each door on your Crystal Advent Calendar you will get a new stone and then you refer to the chart that I slide into the box to see how it supports those areas of health.  

Because any given crystal can support a number of areas of our lives, typically it can be easy to find 20-100 things it does, I've made the chart inside the Crystal Advent Calendar to show the body parts and health concerns your new crystal specifically supports.  

This Crystal Advent Calendar is another great fit for New Year's resolutions (like the Abundance Crystal Lover's Advent Calendar) because so many people make resolutions related to health. So, again, imagine spending the first 24 days opening each door to your Crystal Advent Calendar and concentrating on your health just before starting a new regimen!  


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