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Tarot Card Necklaces - Gold Colored HD

Tarot Card Necklaces - Gold Colored HD

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Unlock the mysteries of the universe with these gold-colored Tarot Card Necklaces! Featuring intricate designs inspired by the ancient art of divination, these necklaces will add a touch of mysticism and style to any outfit. Perfect for the spiritually inclined, these necklaces make a unique and meaningful gift. The pendants are about in inch and a half tall, and inch wide, and 1mm thick. These feel substantial to the touch. Includes gold colored chain.

0 The Fool is innocence, adventure, and new beginning

1 The Magician is Creativity, Manifestation, and Ability

2 The High Priestess is Inner Knowledge, Intuition, and Duality

3 The Empress is Creation, Motherhood, Creativity

4 The Emperor is Reliability, Fatherhood, Responsibility

5 The Hierophant is Education, Knowledge, Organized Religion

6 The Lovers is Connection, Fulfillment, Love, and Choice

7 The Chariot is Momentum, Breakthrough, Travel

8 Strength is Compassion, Endurance, Perseverance, Power

9 The Hermit is Wisdom, Seeker, Inner Voice

10 Wheel of Fortune is Change, Cycles, Fortune, Karma

11 Justice is Balance, Objectivity, Fairness

12 The Hanged Man is Trust, Release, Pause, Waiting

13 Death is Endings, Transformation, Grief, Rebirth

14 Temperance is Finding Meaning, Healing, Balance

15 The Devil is Vitality, Play, Temptation, Oppression

16 The Tower is Destruction, Consequences, Catastrophe, Disaster, Change

17 The Star is Guiding Vision, Healing Creativity

18 The Moon is Dreams, Instincts, intuition, Shadow Work

19 The Sun is Joy, Success, Health, Children

20 Judgement is Higher Calling, Awakening, Judgement Call, Absolution

21 The World is Completion, Celebration, Wholeness

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